In this article we are going to cover, a newly released book Chinchu gets a superpower authored by M Pattabiraman.  Author is also running, to promote unbiased, commission-free investment advice.  He is popularly known as “Pattu”.  He has co-authored two print-books  You can be rich too with goal-based investing and Gamechanger.

Chinchu gets a superpower

This book is released on Feb 11th and is mainly targeted for kids above age 10.   According to the author, in this book, we meet Chinchu who is about to turn 10. What he wants for his birthday, how his parent’s plan for it, teach him several key ideas of decision making and money management is the narrative. 

There are two variants one for boys and one for girls.  Book is also available in the form of ebook as well as paperback.

Aspects connected to decision-making such as affordability, needs vs wants, peer pressure, borrowing and budgeting are covered in this book as per the Author.  Books is available in amazon .  For more info, you can get in touch with the author on

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