In this article we are going to cover why credit card online transaction gets blocked for the new credit cards ?

credit card online transaction gets blocked
Credit card online transaction gets blocked

If you have received a new credit card recently, there are high chances online transaction and international transaction are disabled on your cards.

RBI has asked all the banks to provide card users the facility to enable or disable online as well as international transactions. Most banks have this facility already rolled out on their banking websites as well as on apps. RBL bank, Hdfc bank and ICICI bank are some of the banks already rolled out these changes in their apps.

How to enable online transaction on credit cards ?

  1. Visit the banking site
  2. Navigate to Credit Card Section
  3. Enable the toggle for online transaction.

For any reason, if your bank doesn’t support this yet on their websites, talk to customer support and enable this. Some banks usually ask for your consent before they dispatch new credit card. Few others, by default disable the online transaction and expect the card users to enable them.

While applying for new credit cards, always prefer banks who provide these facilities on their mobile apps so that you can enable or disable them as per your requirement. It is advised that you disable the online transaction if you don’t do online shopping or use any other online services such as utility payments. This will prevent misuse of card.

If the card is set to online, and if the transactions still declined, you may need to check the available limit on your card. If you don’t find any issues, you may need to get in touch with support executive. Support executive will have access to your transaction history and could figure out the problem easily and assist you.

Also remember not to share OTP with anyone. For more info on OTP transactions, please read the article written earlier using this link.

To read about the use of CVV number in a credit card, refer this article.

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