In this article we are going to cover who should apply for DreamDifferent Credit card and the eligibility criteria for the same.

DreamDifferent Credit card

First of all, this is a secure card provided to customer in return for a certain amount of money deposited as a Fixed Deposit. Usually banks will not approve credit cards, if your CIBIL score is less than 400. However, if you want to improve your creditworthiness then you can apply for Kotak 811 DreamDifferent Credit Card and build up your CIBIL score.

Banks offer credit limit up to 80% of the money that is deposited. One can increase the credit limit by adding sufficient funds to the deposit account. Like any other card, this card is valid internationally and you may have to activate the feature. You get 90% of your credit limit as cash limit. This is one of the card which offers interest free period on cash advances of up to 48 days. On the reward program front, you get 2 reward points on every Rs. 100 of online spends and 1 reward point on every Rs. 100 of other spends. These spends exclude Fuel and Railway transactions as this card also offers 1% fuel surcharge waiver and 1.8% railway surcharge waiver. Refer hidden facts about credit rewards in this article.

For more information, please visit Kotak. What are you waiting for ? Apply DreamDifferent credit card today and increase your CIBIL score 🙂

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