In this article we are going to explain various options to get OTP if it is not received.

OTP Not Received

What is the full form of OTP ?

Full form of OTP is One Time Password.

How many digit does a OTP contain ?

OTP usually will be a 4 or 6 digits number

Why do Bank use OTP ?

Banks use OTP’s as an additional layer of security, However for credit card domestic online transaction within India, OTP’s are mandatory.

What should you do if you don’t receive OTP ?

If your mobile signal is weak, OTP’s can get delayed. In such cases, you can check if you received OTP’s on your email. Some banks provide this facility to receive OTP’s on both mobile and email.

Can I request to resend OTP ?

Ofcourse, yes!!. Look for resend otp link or button and click on it.

Can I request to OTP via SMS?

Yes. you can. Check the bank sites for instruction. Mostly you may have to send an sms in the below format.

OTP <LAST FOUR DIGITS OF YOUR CARD> TO XXXXXX from you registered mobile.

  • XXXXXX is number you should get from your provider.

Does OTP expire ?

Most OTP’s expire within 15 mins and some providers allow the OTP’s to expire upto 30 mins.

What does OTP for amazon delivery mean ?

For delivery, amazon uses PIN that can be shared to the delivery agent after you receive the product. However do not share the pin if you did not receive the product. This is to ensure that the product is received by the right individual.

Are there any risk with OTP if the mobile is with someone else ?

Yes, There are risks. Do not give your mobile to unauthorized person even if your mobile needs any service. There are lot of sites you can login just with your OTP.

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