In this article we are going to see how to apply credit card online and the documents required to complete the form.

Credit Card Apply Online
Credit Card Apply Online

Required documents to apply for a credit card

ID proof : Aadhaar / PAN card / Driving license / Voter ID card / Passport

Address Proof: Aadhaar / Passport / Driving licence / Voter ID

During the processing depending on your credit score, banks may ask you to furnish additional proofs.

Are there any age restrictions to apply for a credit card ?

Most banks prefer people within the age 23 to 65 years, however you can apply if you are 18.

Does income is a criteria for applying credit card ?

Each bank has a minimum income requirement and your credit limit also depends on it.

Can you track the application via online ?

Yes, You can track the application online. Banks will provide you the application number after submitting the application. You can use that number to track the status of the application. It takes any where between few hours to 3 weeks to process the application. However, if the bank doesn’t provide any tracking number or if you don’t now how to track it from the website, please talk to the customer support. In most cases, they will assist you and provide an update on the status of the application.

Should you furnish additional documentation to receive add on Card ?

In most cases no. However bank will decide the eligibility if you are applying for a new card. If you are eligible, banks will offer you this benefit and ask for your consent. You can also request one, while filling the online application form and express your interest.

Below are the individual bank links where you can apply for credit card,
  1. ICICI Bank
  2. HDFC Bank
  3. Kotak Bank
  4. CITI Bank
  5. Yes Bank
  6. IndusInd Bank
  7. AXIS Bank
  8. SBI Cards

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