In this article we are going to explain 11 ways to make credit card payments.

11 Ways to make credit card payments
11 Ways to make credit card payments

Below are the 11 ways to make credit card payments,


Download the CRED app and pay your credit card bill through this app and earn reward points.

2. Online Banking:

Simply log onto your bank’s website and pay your bills from your savings account. Your payment will be credited within 2 working days.

3. UPI payment option

Pay on the go with Phone pe and enjoy the instant credit on your card.

4. Mobile Banking

Most banks offer mobile banking. You can use this facility to pay the credit card bills.

5. Visa Credit Card Pay

Use VISA Credit Card Pay to transfer funds and to pay your bill. This facility is available only for VISA cardholders only. Your payment will be credited within 3 working days.

6. Mobile App

Most banks would have apps to manage and view credit card bills. You can pay the bills using those apps.

7. National Automation Clearing House

NACH facilitates the automatic payment of credit card bills. You can set it up with the following instructions:

  • Link your savings bank account to your credit card by filling out the NACH mandate form.
  • Enter all the details and courier it to the address mentioned in the form.

8. Auto Debit

Authorize your bank to debit your bank account(savings/current) by filling Auto debit form available at your bank

9. NEFT(National Automatic Clearing House)

Pay credit card bill online from any bank account. Your payment will be credited within 1 working day. To get the IFSC code, refer your bank’s website.

10. ATM

Most banks allows you to pay with your ATM/Debit card at ATMs. Your payment will be credited in 3 working days.

11. Over the counter Payment

Pay in cash or cheques at bank branches. Your payment will be credited in 2 working days. This mode of payment is being discouraged by many banks as some of them charge additional fee for this type of payment.

We have also covered safety tips for your Credit Card in an article earlier.

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