In this article we are going to explain the use of a CVV number in a credit card.

Use of CVV number in a credit card
Use of CVV number in a credit card

Acronym for CVV number is Card Verification Value. It is required to complete online transactions. For offline transaction, CVV number is not required. CVV is usually a 3 digit number for visa and master cards and a 4 digit number for american express cards.

Is it ok to share CVV with someone ?

No, Do not share CVV with anyone, even with banking officials.

Do bank executives call and ask for CVV details ?

No, They don’t.

Do we need to furnish CVV details while reporting lost card ?

No, we need not to have to furnish CVV details to block a card.

Can online merchants store CVV in their database ?

No, they cannot store CVV details in their database.

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